At Agate, we take great pride in our Service because of the following:

Agate Construction passed the half billion dollar mark several years ago in successfully completed projects using our vast experience in the following market sectors: commercial, industrial, automotive dealerships, mining infrastructure, tenant improvements, federal, institutional, fire stations, concrete and steel structures, manufacturing facilities, pre-engineered metal buildings and power plant support buildings.

Our projects are traditionally delivered through a negotiated open-book, best value or competitive bid lump sum and can be delivered via a Design Assist, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or Design Build approach, as well as other related market sectors.

We tailor each project approach to meet our Customers’ requirements by providing a full range of preconstruction and construction services including:

Automotive Retail/Service

You can take a look at any of our projects via our [Portfolio].

Our commercial construction projects and businesses vary in size and scale. We focus on a variety of business needs—restructures, expansions, redesigns, or remodels—with a cost-effective approach. Regardless of the size of project, commercial construction is a big undertaking. To ensure the best chance of success it is important to work with a company who is reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Our projects range from resorts to retail centers to universities and we focus on remaining mindful of our clients’ daily operations. At Agate, our staff’s vast experience with both public and private sector greatly benefits our partners and clients. Our reputation is based on finding innovative solutions, being responsive to the distinct needs of our clients and the project, and successfully applying our understanding of the local marketplace to ensure all needs are considered. Our industrial projects is where you’ll find our large scale projects.

Design-build delivery is turn-key. The responsibility for timeliness, overall quality, and costs are placed all within Agate Construction. As an experienced design-build organization, Agate combines effective management with experience in navigating good design with the construction economy. We get proposals from qualified consultants which allows owners to opt for their own preferences. With design-build, Agate can control schedules and budgets since consultants are contractually responsible to the design-builder.

If you want to harness efficiency with preconstruction, but you also want to maintain collaborations with architects, engineers and others, then design-assist is the right fit for you. With design-assist delivery, architects and engineers are under contract to the owner while essential subcontractors are contracted to the general contractor. These systems subcontractors are a major part of a project’s cost in order to give the owner a variety of pricing alternatives to help arrive at the highest value for the owner. For instance, an owner might want to invest in a more efficient energy system, which costs more initially but then save over time by lowering energy costs and reducing maintenance. Such experts have a unique perspective to share with the team.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) helps provide a more manageable project with the greatest value for clients. During the preconstruction process with CMAR methods, public works agencies and other clients get critical feedback on costs, constructability, materials selection, quality and schedule from the construction manager. CMAR allows you to control cost and stay within your budget from the beginning to the end of your project.

Automotive/Retail Service
Agate provides the means for developing automotive and retail designs. In these industries, we know that the look and feel of a building are important to a company’s success. A space’s atmosphere often makes all the difference in attracting a customer base along with maintaining a reliable business. Automotive and retail construction requires awareness of long-term impacts of projects, efficient designs and well-planned construction phases. In general, Agate is well-equipped to take on a variety of retail projects given our team’s extensive and expansive work in these areas.

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