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Joining the Team

People are a priority at Agate, and we are always looking for talented individuals who will bring their passion for building and expertise to the organization.


Our fundamental framework of fostering a collaborative work environment and transparent communication, generates a culture of innovation and best practices among all our team members. We are a diverse organization and we value every associates contribution to each of our projects, to our partners and to our community.

Agate’s company mission is to perfect every job that we have while keeping our employees and everyone around us in a safe environment. We cater to customer needs, so you will always learn something new while working for us. Safety is our #1 priority as we know at the end of the day, we want our employees to go home to their loved ones. The owners strive for a work/life balance to ensure our employees enjoy their career at Agate. We work hard, and the benefits pay off. With our competitive pay, our outstanding benefits, and seasonal based hours, each employee feels valued and secure.”

- Amanda Beadles, HR Specialist

For further information on joining the team at Agate, please contact:
amanda black and white
Amanda Beadles
HR Specialist

Phone: 480.994.9455 ext 241

Apply for a Job With Agate Construction Here: